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Chimney Cleanings

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Did you know 29% of house fires are caused by fireplaces or chimneys? (NFPA’s “Home Heating Fires”
Jan. 2021) This can lead to hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage or even worse it can result in injury or loss
of life to you or a loved one.
Our goal is to provide you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing whether your system is in satisfactory condition or what you can do to get it there.
We have been sweeping chimneys for 36 years. That’s right our lead sweeps have more experience sweeping chimneys than many people have in their careers when they retire.
All our sweep’s work is peer-reviewed by a lead sweep.
We use the latest cutting-edge technology to provide you with a 21-point inspection based on NFPA
We use top-of-the-line equipment to get your chimney as clean as humanly possible.
Do we have cameras? Of course we do and we provide you with a link to over 30 images following our
inspections that highlight the condition of your chimney.
Do we know how to keep your house clean while cleaning your sooty chimney? You better believe it.
It’s literally our job.

On average inspections take about 60 minutes; cleaning and inspections take about 90 minutes, but this
can vary significantly depending on specific circumstances such as the height and pitch of your roof.
We are always happy to help you learn how to use your fireplace or stove properly.
We primarily service Box Elder County, Cache County, Weber County and Davis County.

Chimney Fire Statistics (NFPA’s “Home Heating Fires” Jan. 2021)

 Approximately two in five home heating equipment fires involved heating equipment that relied
upon a solid fuel, such as woodburning or pellet stoves or wood-burning fireplaces.
 Failure to clean equipment was the leading factor contributing to home fires involving heating
equipment and accounted for a quarter of all the heating equipment fires.
 A frequent cause of chimney fires was the ignition of creosote, a highly combustible by-product
of wood fires that can be deposited on the lining of chimney walls.
 Home fires caused by heating equipment were less likely to occur in the overnight hours from
midnight to 8 a.m., but these fires accounted for nearly half of the fatalities, as well as a
disproportionate share of the injuries and direct property damage.

Most chimney fires can be prevented by simply having your chimney cleaned.


Inspections start at $125
Chimney Cleanings (includes inspection) start at $200

Give us a call at 435-720-0976 to schedule your cleaning and inspection
Email chimchimineypartners@gmail.com


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