Chimney Cleanings

We are the only chimney sweeps in all of Box Elder and Cache Valley. 

We clean all wood appliances (stoves, inserts, open fireplace) and some (but not all) pellet appliances.


Inspection: $125

Cleaning (includes inspection) $200

2 cleanings in the same house: $350

Travel fees may be added for farther away cities.

If extra work or extra parts are required, the cost will be more.

We do not do cement/brick repair work.


To schedule an appointment, it is best to email

Include the following:

-far away pictures of your fireplace or stove

-how many floors your home has and which floor your appliance is on

-a description of your roof (metal vs. shingled, steep vs walkable)

-if it is a pellet appliance, include the brand name and model number

-your contact information and address

You can also text or call Alison at 435-720-0976