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Remote Troubleshooting

The most common issue is that the batteries in your remote and/or receiver have died. Every time batteries in either are replaced, the remote and the receiver must be “re-synced.” To do this, follow these steps.

Step 1: Fold down the panel at the bottom of your fireplace, revealing the controls. (photo 1) There is a switch that says “on, remote, off” (photo 2) Push the switch over to “on” and wait 15 seconds for your flame to turn on. If it turns on, it means that the fireplace is working properly. If it does not turn on, then give us a call. Push the switch back over to the “remote” position which is the middle, and your flame should turn off.

Step 2: Make sure batteries have been replaced in both the receiver and remote. On the receiver, the batteries are located behind the ” – + – + ” puzzle piece shaped cover. (photo 3) There are two indents with tabs above the ” – + – + ” which you push down on and pull the piece off. Use your fingers rather than tools so you don’t break the tabs. Once the new batteries are in, reattach the cover

Step 3: With the remote in one hand, press the “PRG” button located towards the right part of the receiver. (photo 2) When you do this you should hear a beep. Then within the next second or two press the power button on your remote. You should hear a second beep. Now your remote and receiver are “re-synced” and your remote should work like normal. ​