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Ultimate guide for buying a fireplace or stove

When shopping for a new heating appliance, you may be unsure whether you need a “stove” “insert” or “fireplace”

Free-standing Stove: An appliance that sits on legs or a pedestal. (not built into the wall)

Existing Fireplace Insert: An appliance without legs or a pedestal that is slid inside of an existing brick fireplace. This is more common for older homes. Inserts are usually built smaller to be able to fit inside of the existing fireplace.

Framed-in Fireplace: An appliance that is framed into a wall. This is more common for new construction, remodels, and finishing basements. These are usually bigger compared to inserts because you can frame however big you want.

Free-standing Stoves - Gas/Propane

Gas Stoves

All of our gas appliances can use natural gas or be converted to propane. For gas stoves, we primarily offer the Lopi brand (pronounced “low pie”) They make a cast iron gas stove in 3 different sizes, small, medium, and large, each with a different heating capacity.

The benefit of cast iron is that it does not make popping sounds like steel gas stoves do. As steel heats up, it tends to make a popping sound. Lopi also makes a large steel gas stove called the Cypress which makes some occassional popping sounds, but less than other brands.

Lopi gas stoves can come in a basic package or a deluxe package. With the deluxe package, it comes with a fan, multi-function remote, interior lights, deluxe log set, glass panels on the left and right side of the stove, and a smart pilot. The deluxe packages can come in a bronze tint or a brown enamel finish.

We have 2 other brands of gas stoves, Hearthstone and Jotul. Since Lopi gas stoves have slightly better quality, people will choose Hearthstone or Jotul when they want a specific color finish on their stove such as white, or green, which Lopi does not offer.

Gas Stove Pricing

Pricing is roughly the same for all three brands. Small gas stoves that come with a basic package start around $2,400 and on the other side of the spectrum, large stoves that come with a deluxe package start around $4,000.

On top of the cost of the stove itself, people should plan to pay $1,000-$2,000 on top of the cost of the stove for venting pipe, gas line, installation, and taxes

First Steps

Determine how big of an area you plan to heat or how big you want the stove to visually look. For new construction, email your plans to 

For remodels or adding a stove to your home, call or email us to schedule an appointment for a free in-home consultation. To see our Lopi Gas stoves in person, visit either of our showrooms. You can also check out their website pages by clicking the links below.

Lopi Cast Iron Gas Stoves

Lopi Large Steel Gas Stove

Hearthstone Cast Iron Gas Stoves

Jotul Cast Iron Gas Stoves

Exisitng Fireplace Insert - Gas/Propane


All of our gas appliances can use natural gas or be converted to propane. For gas inserts, we primarily offer the Lopi brand (pronounced “low pie”) Their deluxe series has the best quality of any brand that we have seen with lots of customizable looks and features.

Lopi also offers a basic series called the “Radiant Plus” that is priced competitively with other lesser quality brands but is made with better quality.

Lopi Basic Gas Inserts “Radiant Plus”

These come in 3 different sizes: small, medium, and large, each with a different heating capacity. They can come with a manual pilot light “Millivolt or MV” or a smart-pilot light “GSB” The smart-pilot comes with a battery backup, meaning that even if there is a power outage, you can still turn on your gas insert. They have 3 face styles available. They come with a standard log set and black interior walls. Optional accessories include a fan, a thermostatic remote, and a brick panel design for the interior walls.

Lopi Deluxe Gas Inserts

Lopi has 2 styles each available in 2 sizes, medium, and large. The first style is a 4-sided front, meaning that the glass front has metal showing above, below, and to either side of the glass. The second style is a 3-sided front, meaning that there is almost no metal showing beneath the glass. This allows for a larger total glass area. The 32 DVS and 34 DVL are their 4-sided models. The 430 and the 616 are their 3-sided models.

Each of these 4 deluxe models come with several options for the decorative front, log sets, and brick panel styles. They have more flame, more heat, more fan power, more remote functions. Since the remote receiver and smart pilot are pre-installed, they use less batteries than the basic series.

Gas Insert Pricing

For the appliance itself, Lopi’s Radiant Plus inserts range from $2,000-3,000 with finished jobs (including venting pipe, gas line, installation, and taxes) ranging from $3,500-4,500

For the appliance itself, Lopi’s deluxe inserts range from $3,500-5,000 with finished jobs (including venting pipe, gas line, installation, and taxes) ranging from $4,800-6,500

First Steps

Measure how big the front of your fireplace opening is. Rough measurements are okay. Measure the front width and height. If your fireplace has a metal or brass door, try to measure just behind the door from brick to brick. Many fireplaces taper towards the back but that is almost never a problem.

Call us or stop by one of our showrooms with those measurements. Your fireplace may or may not already have a gas line stubbed into it. If it does not, call or email us to schedule a free in-home consultation. To supply power to the fan/remote/smart-pilot, you can have the 6-foot power cord showing and plug into a nearby outlet. Or you can hire an electrician to install an outlet inside your fireplace. Come to our showroom to see these models on display or check out their website pages by clicking the links below

Lopi Basic Gas Inserts

Lopi Deluxe Gas Inserts

Framed-in Fireplace - Gas/Propane

All of our gas appliances can use natural gas or be converted to propane. For gas fireplaces, we primarily offer the Fireplace Xtrordinair brand (FPX). They make 3 styles of fireplaces: traditional, square, and linear.


Traditional fireplaces have a slightly rectangular-shaped glass with decorative front options to go around it. These are the most common. The most common sizes are 36 inch wide and 42 inch wide. Larger fireplaces generally have more heating capacity. FPX offers a variety of options on the decorative front, log set, and brick panel designs. 

We also offer the Kingsman brand for homeowners looking for a more economical option. Even though Kingsman models have less features, less styling options, and overall less visual appeal than FPX, Kingsman models are durable, simple, and put out great heat.


Square fireplaces have a square-shaped glass, less depth compared to traditional, and a minimal border around the glass. Available in 3 sizes, 24 inch, 36 inch, and 42 inch wide, each with a different heating capacity. FPX offers these models in a basic package and a deluxe package. Deluxe package comes with a fan, remote, interior, and your choice of dark oak or white birch logs. The interior walls are black but you can choose to add a brick panel design.


FPX has two series of linear fireplaces. The first series is called “Probuilder” and has a standard heat output. Available in a 42 inch, 54 inch, or 72 inch width. These can come as a basic package or deluxe package. The deluxe package comes with a fan, remote, interior lights, and a smart pilot system. 

The second series is a High Output series. Available in a 36 inch, 44 inch, or 60 inch width. This High Output series is only available as a deluxe package.

Both the Probuilder and High Output series have several options for glass media, logsets, and interior brick panel designs.


Because there are so many styles and sizes, it is hard to give pricing info. In general, with the appliance, venting pipe, installation, and tax included, Kingsman models range from $3,500-4,500. FPX square fireplace range from $4,000-6,000. FPX traditional fireplace range from $5,000-7,000, and FPX linear fireplaces range from $4,500-7,000

First Steps

If you have house plans, email them to 

If you are remodeling or looking to add one to your existing home, call or schedule a free in-home consultation. You can also see many of our models in person at either of our showrooms. Learn more by clicking one of the links below


Fireplace Xtrordinair traditional fireplaces

Fireplace Xtrordinair square fireplaces

Fireplace Xtrordinair linear fireplaces

Kingsman traditional fireplaces

Free-standing Stoves - Wood

Material (steel vs. cast iron vs. soapstone)

In choosing between the material a wood stove is made of, the main deciding factors are looks and cost. Steel is more simple looking and less in cost, andd soapstone costs more.

All of the wood stoves we sell have an optional fan/blower kit available


Our favorite brand of steel stoves is Lopi (pronounced “low-pie”) They are what we put in our own homes. Lopi stoves are made the best and the heaviest. Lopi does not cut any corners. Their glass doors are larger compared to other brands and the glass stays exceptionally clean. They also come with a built-in ash bucket.

We also sell Kuma stoves. They are typically 10% less than Lopi’s but they have smaller doors, and the glass doesn’t stay as clean. Kuma is a great option for folks hoping to save a couple hundred dollars or who like the look of their Aberdeen or Cambridge model

Cast Iron

Lopi is the best for the same reasons listed above. Jotul and Hearthstone are great brands for people seeking a different look than Lopi offers.


Hearthstone is the only brand we sell that does soapstone stoves. They have cast iron edges and legs. Soapstone takes longer to heat up but also retains heat longer, meaning, if you started a fire before bed, your soapstone stove would be warmer to the touch in the morning.


Size (small vs. medium vs. large)

Almost all wood stoves of any brand