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Box Elder, Weber, Davis, & Salt Lake County Wood to Gas Conversion Program


The state of Utah is offering home owners a grant award of $3,000-4,300 to switch out their wood fireplace or stove for a high-efficient gas fireplace insert or stove. Click on the following dialogue boxes to learn more about this program. Application sign-ups for Box Elder, Weber, Davis, & Salt Lake will happen October 16th on a first come, first serve basis, since there are limited funds. There has been no future plans announced for Cache County.

Will I qualify for the grant?

Since this program started over three years ago, there have been additional requirements put in place, making some people who would have qualified in the past, not qualify if they were to apply now.

To qualify, you must have owned your home for at least twelve months. You must have a wood-burning stove, fireplace, or insert which has been used to heat the home at times throughout this past year or so.

If you received a fireplace grant already, you will not qualify for another one. It is limited one per household.

If you meet these requirements, you are 99.9% likely to get qualified, but that is completely up to the state. Everyone qualified will receive $3,000 regardless of income. If you qualify as “low-income” by the table posted on the state’s website, you will receive an extra $1,300 or $4,300 in total.

How do I apply?

On February 27th or 28th you will visit the state’s website at stoves.utah.gov and click on the box that mentions your county. From there you will click on register. You will then put in your name, phone number, email, and address and click submit. This should only take you less than 30 seconds since there is not much to fill out.

If there are enough funds left by the time your name gets to the top of the list, the state will start sending you emails. Sometimes they send a survey, sometimes an application, they seem to do it a bit differently every time they do another round of grants. They might send it to you the same day or maybe a day later or maybe a week later. Again, we aren’t sure exactly what or when the state will do things.

These emails could come from “Qualtrics” or “Stoveswap” or “DEQ”

Be sure to fill out and respond to whatever the state sends you. Usually, when they send something, they expect a response within 2-3 days or else they will disqualify you.

After submitting your survey or application or both, the state will send you an approval letter and form.

What do I do once I am approved?

Once you receive an approved letter from the state, you will print that off and turn it in to a fireplace dealer. If you don’t have a printer, you can email it to us. In Northern Utah, there are 2 or 3 dealers. You are free to choose which dealer to buy from. Typically the state gives you 30 days to complete your shopping experience and commit to a specific dealer.

However, here are a couple quick reasons why over 85% of Cache County and Box Elder homeowners who have been approved for the grant, have chosen Chim Chiminey Fireplace as their dealer.

#1 – Exclusive high quality brands. We are the only Box Elder / Cache Valley dealer that has access to the Fireplace Xtrordinair and Lopi brands. They are the best brands out there. We do, however, have access to almost every brand the “other guys” sell. Let us know if you like their product better than ours and we will make you an offer on it.

#2 – We can clean your chimney – To properly install a gas insert or stove where a wood one used to be, your chimney will need a good cleaning. This will also help get rid of any “soot” smell from coming into your home.

We include a free chimney cleaning with our installation. The “other guys” cannot clean chimneys because they are not insured for that service. Therefore, many of their customers have to pay extra and wait longer to have Chim Chiminey come clean their chimney before the “other guys” can properly install their stove or insert.

#3 – Most Experience – We have 3 installers. When it comes to installing fireplaces and stoves, Rod has 37 years of experience, Ty has 19 years, and Skyler has 10. They are who will show up to install your fireplace.

After you send your approval letter to a dealer and they activate it, you cannot change dealers. You can however, back out and cancel at any time. At no point are you ever obligated to purchase a stove or fireplace.

Stop by our showroom and we will show you the models you can choose from. It is wise to bring pictures of your fireplace or stove when you come. If you have a fireplace, you can take a measuring tape and measure the rough width and rough height of your fireplace opening, closest to you. In other words, measure the “door frame” of your fireplace, width and height. This will help us determine how big of a gas insert we can slide into your fireplace.

With any pictures and measurements in hand, your shopping experience will be easier when you stop by our showroom.

If you need gas line run to the fireplace or stove area, we can help. We can schedule a time to visit your home and measure for gas line. That way we can give you a more accurate quote.

The fans or blowers on these fireplaces and stoves will need electrical power. They come with a 6 foot extension cord. If you would like to have a finished look with no cords showing, you will need an electrician to install an outlet inside your fireplace. We do not do electrical work. You can call an electrician such as Gwen’s Electric to help with this.

We will put a quote together for the fireplace or fireplaces you are interested in. When you decide, you will turn in your approval letter to us and we will schedule an installation date.

If you know that you want us to be your dealer but are not sure exactly what model you would like, that is okay. Turn in your approval letter and make your final decision later. The state gives 100 days after getting approved to decide what model you want and have it installed.

Who does the state send the money to?

It is really simple. Once the fireplace or stove is installed, the state sends us a check for the 3,000 or 4,300 and then we will send you a bill for the remaining amount. You are welcome to pay that off over the following 30 days.

We install, the state pays, then you pay what is left over.